2014 Jeep Rubicon JKU

In all my years of 4wheeling, I’d never owned a Jeep, but we bought this one in January of 2016. The idea was to have a vehicle we could just get in and drive to the mountains, and new enough to 4wheel easy to medium hard trails alone, without worrying about breaking. (Long time jeep owners are laughing right now…) It’ll also likely be my daily driver after I retire. It spent the first four months of ownership in the garage, getting lifted, new bumpers and all the stuff that most folks who actually wheel their jeeps do to them. We’ve had a lot of fun in it, and hope to have a lot more.

On Steelbender, May 2019
On Gold Bar Rim, May 2019
Jason (my nephew) driving through the The Crack on Golden Spike, May 2019
New aFe radiator. Look sharp. Be sharp. December, 2018.
New brakes. December, 2018.
Poison Spider. May, 2018. Mike and his family used it on our Memorial Day trip.
Mike and son Nathan bringing the jeep down the waterfall on Poison Spider. Buddy Dave spotting. May, 2018.
Off Rampart Range Road. October, 2016.
Cottonwood Pass. September, 2016.
Redstone, CO. September, 2016.
Twin Cone Peak. October, 2016.
Prepping to truss the front axle. May, 2016.
All trussed and sleeved, ready to go back under the rig. May, 2016.
Unmolested, with 4600 miles on it, right after we brought it home. January, 2016.