Thanks for visiting! For now, this site is just a place I store a few photos, and tell the occasional story.

So, why ScaldedDog.Com? The phrase describes the practice of throwing hot water from the stove on any unwanted mutt that started hanging around the house. Of course, this was much more difficult to do in my native West Virginia, since you had to dodge every car and refrigerator your family ever owned, all of which were scattered on the front lawn. (Just kidding!!!. :-)) Being a reasonably competitive runner at one point in my life, the phrase “to run like a scalded dog” always held a particularly fond meaning for me.

The list of things that are important to me can be surmised from the links on the menu, though I have to confess they’re not presented in the order in which they occupy my time. My faith is hugely important to me, though I rarely talk about it in casual conversation.


Updated February 17, 2022

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