I’ve been blessed with a wonderful set of families, from the one I was born into, to the one I married into, to Chris’ and mine. We all have treasures in our lives, and this page is devoted to my two most prized.

In our backyard. September, 2012.
On Steelbender in Moab. May, 2010.
The three of us and Charlie, April, 2010.
The three of us on Cliffhanger. May 2007.
Chris and Abbie, Blackwater Falls, West Virginia. July, 2006.
Chris and me at the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, July, 2005.
Chris and Abbie on Pikes Peak, September, 2004.
Chris and me at a lunch spot on Gold Bar Rim in Moab, in May of 2000. I think this is the earliest photo I have of the two of us.